Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UPDATE: Far-Right Extremists in TX

For those still unaware: The Board approved the curriculum change conservative Republicans have been asking for. Although this is old news, last month confirmed that Texas is nowhere near the U.S. History standards. After doing research, this group of conservatives was quite crafty in achieving their goals. We aren't dreaming, and it just got real.
Not only did Texas end up with irrational far-right officials in charge, they also somehow ended up with the power to affect the entire country. There was one democrat who made the majority by a hair and allowed the bill to pass. There are questions there.

The head of the conservative faction claimed the editing to history is going to add a needed balance due to the fact history was already a little bit too..leftist.

Remember learning about our Declaration?
Well, Thomas Jefferson was removed from history. He was essentially replaced by President Reagan.

The far right has too many funds to believe the truth and enough funds to change it. While Jefferson disappeared into thin air, so did Latinos. 200 years of history completely distorted.
Let's not forget that Texas isn't just screwing itself, it's screwing America. Textbook publishers all over the country will base their books on many of the new revisions, to be read by kids everywhere. Texas is the the main source of American textbooks. Children will learn and be tested on right-wing fake history.
Who would be happy waking up to uneducated leaders in 2050?
If this is news to you, spread it.

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