The History And Vision

I'm sure it'll sound radical. It sounds radical to me.

But I hope to ultimately change the world.

La Palabra, and La Voz are my steps toward the goal and vision of changing the world. Starting a revolution.

A manifesto is in the works, another stepping stone toward Democratic Socialism, or something better than this. There has to be something better than this.

I'll give you a little history: I grew up engulfed in a war. A war to understand the world around me, understand society. I've grown up seeing immigrants trying to make it in this world, queers, leaders, followers, conservative and liberal youth. I've been to hell and back, waking up realizing that I've survived too much not to have some kind of purpose. One day I looked into my own reflection and realized that the fire burning inside me was going to light the wick of change.

I wanted to join the Navy right out of high school, only to be halted by DADT. I wanted all the military training I could get so that when the revolution really get's rolling, I'm ready. I wanted to create my own militia, a force to back me and my followers up. This is still an idea of mine I hope to see come as a reality. When this dream materializes, it will be the real Revolute Army. For change, for a future, for my, your, his, her, all people. I'm unsure of the revolution, but it will come.

When I came back from the depths of hell, I knew I had to tell myself a few things for the rest of my life.

Never give up. Remember why you've held on so long in the first place.

Viva la revolution!