Sunday, December 25, 2011

Currently in the Motherland

When Costa Rica's Tio Samuel and national press mention Nicaragua's recent course of actions with border issues, suddenly it was "los nicos" and their "techniques."
Leading Costa Rica to take actions igniting a flame of contradiction, and possibility of conflict between these governments.   This conflict is one in which the "enemy" in this scenario was officially identified by President Chinchilla while giving his order to  border patrol. It's the "Nicaraguans."
This is a pretty big deal. One of the poorest third world countries to date is suing the guy next door. They are dancing on a line that no one has ever thought existed. Having moral and displaying and loyalty, and passion  for your soil is not soemthing to mess with. It's a little bit dangerous when it is tested through a pending international trial to draw the border according to. I think Nicaragua has already run out of nails to bite on each hand.
Latinos, they are some passionate ass people. Also a little emotionally driven, and freaking intense. It's easy to fall into the irrational, come conspiration theory, or some daydream of the N word America has nightmares about: Nationalization. But, this is where it gets tricky. If you think about the fact once country has a NATIONAL press, while the other does not, along with the government and people, some message could very easily take a sharp turn like a game of telephone. I will say there is a 90% chance either country will either be misinformed or misinform it's people suddenly making one or both countries to feel their territorial security is threatened. Since they are more focused on the people rather than the individual, that same 90% probablility applies to the chances of the people to rise up. And believe me, they would rather fight than let their country lose itself.
Both governments have a degree of blindness. Costa Rica wants to justify building past the border, out of bounds, and Nicaragua  is still working on the implementation of a successful strategy for eco protection, making that sustainable and managable, and then I guess it's like wash, rinse, repeat. This is a big roadblock. It's a roadblock for a roadblock. The San Juan River Binational Basin is what this all revolves around, and the conflict has developed into a forgotten argument with the sky.
If both governments make nice, and meet literally half way, it's going to look pretty fair on both sides. They will both have to come to the common conclusion of the fact it is vital to agree on a border marking process on soil. But it doesn't stop there.For the most successful result, they have to work together on this process, and have some kind of coordinated management of the water shed that both countries share. Clearly this is not the first time there's been a fight over who gets to do what they want. 
So anyways, the emergence of the Rio San Juan Paved, that Costa Rica is already building through it's sovereign territory on the right bank of Rio San Juan. Allow me to politely point out that this totally discredits, outright belies whatever so-called eco and enviromentalist name tag. I think this is another step of tunnel vision that could ultimately be the cause of more of the masses being provoked to escalate further in ways that will not have a positive end result for either country.

You don't have to be friends, guys. You just have to wrap this up so we can go back to talking about how Ortega bought a billion Nacatamales, and then fed his people. Maybe our elected officials should be required to donate 40% of campaign funds to the hungry people here, too.

Hey, I'm allowed to dream.