Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday, Syrian pork shot at least 15 people. This happened in a Daraa neighborhood sheltering anti-government protesters.

In the early morning protesters were in the streets, standing for reforms and political freedoms according to witnesses. At least six people were killed. 

Including casualties, the death number is 22. What the hell is happening?

Just last week journalists documenting protests, taking pictures of their surroundings were arrested, beaten, and their materials were confiscated by Palestinian security and pigs.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the day my freedom of speech gets infringed, all hell will break loose. No one--and I mean no one--is going to silence me. Who has the right to silence any of my comrades?

Written in an article of FAIR, by Seth Ackerman:

"American journalists probably feel more pressure about their coverage of Israel and Palestine than any other subject. That is true even of Extra!; despite having a readership that is overwhelmingly sympathetic to our progressive critique of the media, our Middle East coverage invariably elicits angry letters and complaints, sometimes resulting in canceled subscriptions...
...To a notable degree, anti-Palestinian media criticism consists of elliptical reasoning and baffling non-sequiturs, not to mention clumsiness with facts. The tone of much of the criticism is illustrated by a Jerusalem Post letter to the editor (12/19/00) that complained that CNN correspondents 'constantly refer to innocuous 'stone-throwing' by Palestinian kids, instead of calling them what they really are: rocks.' "

We all live through screens.
TV screens, door screens, sunglasses, sunscreen, computers, phones..

I don't know what we're being screened from, or what it is that's happening, but I'm going to keep talking. No one will silence us. Journalists are not safe anywhere, but in our heads. The power is in the pen. It's in the ink. It's on the paper. Keep writing.

You're writing for a reason.