Saturday, March 19, 2011

Female President: What Do We Have To Lose?

Brazil definitely proves it. Her Name is Dilma Rousseff, the country's first. She's pretty much a fucking boss compared to 99.9% of this country's elected officials.
With an educational backround in economics, and not completely greedy, I applaud her.

During her presidency, Rousseff survived through $30 billion in budget cuts. She's more than competent. At the start of her term, manufacturers in Brazil had some serious setbacks as a result of cheap imports from the Chinese. She shot back with anti-dumping tactics and got her hands dirty with tariff increases. Look at her GO!

This month Rousseff is proposing new policies that could seriously impact the world of economics, especially for her country. Wow, this just gets better and better.

But my personal favorite part of this whole thing,  is that she joined some leftist radical resistance group in the 1960s. She was behind bars for three years. Her military captors weren't very nice, either.

She was also born to a middle class family. Take a look at where our officials come from..

Costa Rica follows in these footsteps by electing their fist female president last month. I swear if Latin America passes America up, the extremist right-wing textbook-changers in Texas will cry, Bush will mumble, Palin will make a new reality show,  Arizona will collapse, and we could lose the immigrants that in many ways, keep our economy going.

So why not a female president? What do we have to lose?