Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dictator = Rebellion.

Yesterday the US, UK & France finally steppped in as Libya's own forces were finishing off the last of the rebels. Then came Operation Odyssey Dawn.

Let's just discuss our opponent really quickly:
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is the longest serving of any non-royal national leader, and one of the longest serving rulers in history. Between the 70s and 80s he was publicly declared having assassinated opposing leaders, acts of state-sponsored terrorism, and well, a lot of other shit. He's a nationalist socialist. Giving socialists a bad name. Making it look like the whole point is to take over the world or something. Anyways, he's an oppressive dictator, and when there's oppression, I hope there is revolt.
Four of the Colonel's tanks were in the aim of the first shots by the French. The Brits sent water back up, and the US fired missile after missile. Ok, whether the intention of OOD may not seem like it, the original plan was to stop Quaddafi's forces from going any further by rushing into Benghazi to create a no fly zone. More European countries are expected to joining in and to contribute while Egypt is equipping the rebels. The Libyan regime is using force to gain order and dominance. The question on this side of the globe is: are we supposed to be stepping in? Forget about the fucking oil for five seconds.

I don't know. No one knows, but Obama had a choice to make. If people on the other side of the world didn't have voices,  I'd speak. But then again, I'm a believer in the armed struggle. Without conflict, there is not change. And without change, there is no hope.

What the hell are pacifists looking for? This is what they are saying:
"Hey Libyans, liberal Americans want you to hug your way to democracy. Just go up to Gaddafi and hug him. Love is all you need, baby."

Well I'll tell you this: Jews who participated in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, including those who went on what they thought were suicide missions, had a higher rate of survival than those who gave up. Want to tell them all they need is love?
What I don't understand is that Obama gets to be the black guy, with the US in the shittiest shape, and when he does something even remotely like the last guy: the GOP turns their backs as if they were texting in class planning the whole thing. Jesus.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I'm saying that if non-violence doesn't work, what the hell else would you like to do? Put a peace sign sticker on your forehead and wait for a missile? No thank you.

Keep Libya in your minds today, and may this come to an end soon. Updates to come.