Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today.. (1/2)

This is no newsflash.

It's important to think about the future, but there are proactive ways to go about it. Seeing direction, goals, and vision. Visionary territory here.

If the fall of capitalism happens, is that supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel I'm supposed to be in?

What the fuck am I supposed to be waiting for? What the fuck am I waiting for?

This was the headline of one of @uspolitical's recent tweets: "Turning Our Backs on Capitalism is Going to Cost US"
Now before I elaborate on my idea of tolerance, we're going to knock out capitalism first. Just because it's not worthy to be so close to my closing idea(s).

Just like we need to sit down and forget about the fucking oil for just one second.. I'm going to ask you to put aside how moving away from capitalism could hurt us, or whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. During a debate in one of my lectures, the class was divided in two sides of the room. One side was to argue for socialism/communism. Of course the other side was pro-capitalism. For those of you who don't know, I'm a democratic socialist. I say this and also ask you to put aside that it sounds contradicting or something to some of you. I assure you, this is incorrect.

Anyways, we were supposed to have an opening statement to begin. Blank stares was what put us on pause for a moment. I thought about how ridiculous it was no one had a billion things to say. This is a discussion that could go in almost too many different directions; why would you not want to have a say in where it could possibly begin? So I say these words: "Capitalism works." Even after saying just two simple words, the class had to do their best to render them before they disappeared into thin air.

It works, sure. Industrialization is what's supposed to happen to take a couple of steps forward. Technological advancements, a few extra jobs, build up some shit. You know, part of stacking the bricks that make up this country. But this isn't supposed to be a long term gig. I can't imagine this lasting much longer. I'm not a pure and serious Marxist. I look at results. Results don't lie. Look at where capitalism has gone. It's not just an economy, its a mentality. It's not a market, it's boiling blood in the veins of every money hungry American. It can be on any coast or city. From the red light district to Thousand Oaks. The hunger burns everywhere. I don't think that this society can handle much more. Is the fall of this system going to be my green light? Is this where I get the upper hand and start having to write more letters and less emails because the lines will get fuzzy? I have the itch. Something is changing. Maybe my revolution is starting soon. It's not allergies.

I hope to be a big part in opening the YDSA Berkeley Chapter. This could be it. Time will tell us everything we need to know.

You can only wait for what you don't have the power to change. I mean, what else am I supposed to do? It isn't idle time. It's just time.