Friday, April 1, 2011

America as Hypocrites

Listen to the latest Democrat commentary on Libya. They only spit words backing up Obama, justifying everything. Mostly bouncing off the lack of support for Bush.
Now listen to the Latest Republican commentary. Saying shit like "there's no real exit strategy" or whining about how bad the timing is. Let me just intervene with a question for the GOP, when the fuck is it good timing for invasion or war?
You can definitely see both parties rooting for THEIR guy and bashing the OTHER guy.

Of course the main reason for this double standard shit is because if you claim a party, and most of what comes with it rather than the other, you have to be pure. (What the hell about politics is pure?!) You have to overlook things and have tunnel vision for your party and your loyalty. This kind of hypocrite is not in very high demand, but the supply is overflowing. Of course you can't really have the same standards for everyone. We're humans, we have favorites, we lean to one side more than the other. But because we're humans, our politics reflects our lack of perfection. American politics is an example of a lack of fucking excellence. American hypocritical politics is no nothing new, just on the rise. Why not just follow your GUT and screw the rest? Oh yeah, I forgot that American politics isn't really politics, it's a STAGE. Take your rolls, everyone! Bush, Palin, did you forget your lines again?

All I know is that Republicans, right-wing extremists, whatever..are ridiculously shameless. They know that their followers are stupid. Hey, whatever right? They'll just keep watching FOX and listening to Limbaugh. While grassroots activists wipe blood and sweat from their brows. Who's who?