Friday, April 22, 2011


Rebels, where you at?

Libyan combat boots with velcro for laces blew up a city concentrated with rebels.

Libya's third largest city, the only rebel stronghold in the west of the country, has been under a punishing siege by Gaddafi's forces for seven weeks. Hundreds have died. The voice of the rebels reported three rebels announced dead and 17 attacks leaving others wounded in the last day or two. War kept alive by the afternoon sun, and explosions of gun powder acting as background music. There's shit on the streets like bits of buildings, fucked, shot out cars and broken glass. There's even a few bedframes. What the hell?

Libyan state television said NATO forces had struck a part of Tripoli, killing seven people and wounding 18 others. NATO said the target was a military command bunker and forces later went south killing or wounding several people in
Gharyan. Lybian TV spoke, and NATO shut up.

Another NATO official told Reuters on Thursday: "We want to maintain and increase pressure on the frontline units but the biggest risk in doing that is civilian casualties.

What happens when they figure out that there's such thing as a "human shield?"